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      “In MS Project 2016 how can one tell which of the tasks that appear on critical path are not all critical, in other words how can I tell which ones are not critical since they all have total slack = 0 days,I know for sure some are not critical but is there way other than testing with changing duration, manually ? I need to know this please help because spending hours testing one by one:

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Williams, unfortunately they are all critical in the eyes of the Project formula. There are considerations based on rules. Constraints and deadlines affect critical path, maybe others I can’t remember but there are plenty of articles and videos that provide details. Hope that helps…

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      Tom Boyle

      1. MS Project defines “Critical” tasks as those incomplete tasks with Total Slack <= 0. (You can increase but not decrease this threshold in the advanced options.) The collection of “Critical” tasks represents the true Critical (logic) Path under some very limited conditions; e.g. only one calendar, no constraints, no deadlines, no resource-leveling, no out-of-sequence progress.
      2. Assuming you’ve met other requirements of good scheduling practice (e.g. no “manually-scheduled” tasks, no inactive tasks, no logic on summaries, no logic open ends), then you should be able to define the Critical Path as the driving logic path to the project completion milestone. In MSP 2016 you can identify this path using the Task Path bar styles for “DrivingPredecessors.” It works fairly well for simple projects but is unreliable in the presence of logic that is not Finish-to-Start. It also fails in the presence of out-of-sequence progress and does not penetrate cross-project links (in linked master/sub-projects). If you need, here’s a Macro for Filtering based on “Task Path” in Microsoft Project:

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      Carlos Santos
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