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      Ramil Ganiyev

      Hello Everybody

      I would like to kindly ask you to help me with below question which relates to custom field formulas.

      I have already created formula in custom field for Text24 which calculates required hours according to numbers on Text23.
      Text24 = ([Text23]/25)*44

      I have also got digits which contains letter M (meter) in Text23. Is there any options to make formula where it will calculate digits with letter M?

      example Text24 = ([Text23 (M)]/60)*44 or Text23 contains “M” /60*44???

      Here is the another example
      TEXT 23 TEXT24
      358 630.08 hours
      60.63M #ERROR
      1840 3238.4 hours

      Your help and support are really appreciated

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      Pls try using Val([Text23]).

      The Val function listed under the category Conversion, can be used to convert any valid string expression containing
      numbers to a numerical value; its syntax is Val(string). The function strips any whitespace character (i.e., blanks,
      tabs, and linefeed characters) from the string passed as parameter; for example, Val(“1234 56”) returns the numeric
      value 123456. The Val function recognizes only the period as the decimal separator.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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