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      Sorry if this has been addressed already…I didn’t see it.

      I’m trying to add a simple custom column with complexity multipliers for the work hours. Ex. 5 Hours Work, Complexity factor 1.5 and have the Work show on the Gants and Reporting as 7.5 hours.

      I’ve gone down the path of creating two custom number fields and the computation works but I can’t hook up the answer to the displays and reports.


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      Larry Christofaro

      DT, you can display the custom field on the Gantt chart by selecting Bar Styles (Format ribbon, Format, Bar Styles). Select a bar style (Task) and select the appropriate Text tab. For reports, you can also select the custom field. Hope that helps.

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      Wow…I couldn’t remember that for the life of me.

      Thank you very much Larry. Worked perfectly.


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