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      I created few custom fields and using graphical indicators to show the stauts (red, green..) etc., the formula is working fine and able see the varios graphics (colors) in the MPP, but when i try to copy those tasks to Excel/Outlook, i am getting blanks …am i missing anything here or do i need to do something else?




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      I get a problem with custom fields as well that I think might be related. When I add these fields (custom costs) to a visual report, they do not appear in the pivot table. If they are rolled up under the built in “Cost” field, I’m not able to explode that field to get to my custom cost fields. These custom fields are based on formulas off the built in “Cost” field to account for fringe benefits and such that are a percentage of resource costs.

      Sorry this doesn’t answer your question Venu, but I find it very relevant and am looking forward to answers.


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