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      Cynthia Wolfe

      What is the formula and graphic indicator that I use if I want to compare the baseline finish date to the actual finish date to bring back indicators as followed.
      actual finish is complete – blue
      actual finish is late – red
      actual finish is within 5 days of the baseline finish date – yellow
      actual finish date is still more than 5 days in the future – green

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      Custom formulas and graphical indicator are the best way to solve your problem. Custom formulas solve your problems by giving you more insight into what’s happening in your business. Custom formulas are also an excellent way to make your reports more user-friendly. You can download beautiful templates about graphic design from this site. Graphical indicators give you a visual representation of where you are in the stream of data. This can help you identify trends and patterns that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to see when using text-based reports.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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