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      Christine Flott

      Hello! I have created a custom field with a lookup. After creating it and adding the field as a column, I see the dropdown button for the lookup but when I click it, nothing happens. I’m unable to pick from the lookup I created. Thoughts as to what I’m missing?

      The lookup is to indicate whether a resource is a project team member, stakeholder, or both.

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      I’ve run into something like this in the past, but can’t remember the exact fix. I think it had something to do with Filters. As an experiment, try removing all filters. If memory serves, F3 is the shortcut key to do this. No guarantee.

      hope this helps…crossing my fingers!

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      Christine Flott

      Thank you for responding! Unfortunately, I don’t have any filters applied at all right now.

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      @Christine, did u use a TextXx type? Also, try making the first item in the lookup list as default (Use a value from the table as the default entry for the field / Set Default. Good luck!

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      Christine Flott

      Getting closer! Jigs – your suggestions didn’t cause it to work per se but I did set them. It turns out I can add an entry for this field when it’s a local resource. I cannot select an entry for this field when the resource is an enterprise resource.

      Essentially, so you know the full picture, I’m trying to add information in the plan for stakeholders. Essentially, I’m adding all of our departments as a General resource and then want to identify them as a “stakeholder” in the resources. I’m essentially trying to great a high level portfolio view for the firm about all projects, teams working on those projects, and stakeholder groups.

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      Christine Flott

      Ding ding ding! I figured it out. I created the new resource field and lookup table in Project Online in the PWA settings. Thanks for offering up your help.

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