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      Joe Wharton


      (I took one of your MSP courses a couple years ago.) I have been working with MSP for the past 20 years. Over that time I have developed a few processes and tables that have helped with the developing, maintaining and updating of a desktop MSP environment for several defense contractors, medical device manufacturers and banks. Not enough for a book, but I’d like to get them “out there” for others to use. (I am about to retire…)

      What do you suggest?

      Joe Wharton
      Lafayette, CA

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      Mitra Surik

      Personally, I started this journey by reading books. It then helps to broaden your thinking, even if you take up the study of fiction. For example you can easily and simply read for example about Beowulf, as for me a very good story and everyone should know it. I also read reviews on it and criticism here and learned many additional sides of this work. So I hope it will be useful to someone!

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