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      Hi There

      I am exporting to excel from my MS Project 2016, using the Project Export Wizard.
      To make things easier I selected the field to map based on a ad hoc table (baseline, forecasts and actuals basically).
      When I open the excel file once the info is exported, cells in Excel are all Text and the dates have different formats:
      – Forecast and baseline start and finish: 15 November 2017 8:00
      – Actuals start and finish: Wed 15/11/17

      Excel do not recognize those as dates…
      What is the criteria for the Project Export Wizard to chose that format?
      Can I change it?

      For the benefit of your understanding I would say that dates in the MS Project table I generated the exportation from is dd/mm/yyy

      Thanks in advance

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      Tom Steger


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