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      I realise this is old hat but my client is using Project 2003.  We have a data corruption that is resulting in remaining work displaying as -1,666,666,666,67 days!  Not surprisingly Project reports this as an error unfortunately it is also important that I maintain the Task Unique ID’s so I cannot just rebuild the plans – export to XML does not appear to work (because it maintains the corruption).  Whilst not massive this is impacting 3 linked plans totalling about 2500 lines.

      Is anyone aware of a solution to this issue?


      Many thanks



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      Well I’ve kind of answered my own question.  Here is a solution, but it wasnt ideal:-

      Remove all work from plan that showed errors

      remove the inserted plans

      Save as XML

      Edit XML file to set silly work/remaining work values to zero

      create project from XML

      recover views/fields/tables etc.

      re-insert plans

      check the external links

      re-cover work

Viewing 1 reply thread
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