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    Ben Wiegers

    I want to create a date-filter for the Resource Usage view, so I can easily create a work-list for my resources for the coming week.
    I use Project 2019 Pro.
    Somehow I can’t get it to work………… 🙁
    Anyone a useful idea how to do this?
    Much appreciated!

    Avatar photoCommunity

    Hey Ben;
    It’s been many many years (1999-2000) since I did this same thing in MS Project to produce weekly (physical) timesheets for my Y2K team. And while I can’t give you the exact filtering/grouping criteria I used, hopefully this will help.
    Grouping was relatively simply, by resource.
    Filtering was a bit more tricky and if I remember correctly, the main problem was getting only tasks the team should be working on in the next week or so to appear, and nothing else. If memory serves, I solved this by filtering on Start <= date+8 meaning I wanted only tasks with a start date of 8 days into the future or less. The date could be a calculated date such as I implied, or use a date prompt (via the filter), whichever works easier. I also added to this a filter to remove any completed tasks. As a result, only tasks that are currently started or will start in the next "x" days would appear. I also sorted the tasks based on Start date so currently active tasks would appear on top of the page and new tasks would then appear in ascending order as the list went down the page. This provided me a means to capture their weekly hours/task (before online time sheet entry was available) and also provided each team member with their weekly "to-do" list. Sorry I can't provide the exact filters/etc. but this should get you moving in the right direction. -- Daryl Deffler

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    (Hi Ben: The post above was sent to “Community” by Daryl Deffler. I just wanted to make sure to give credit where it was due!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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