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      Jon Roberts

      I have a .mpt file that I have been given that has eighteen calendars listed, including the three base calendars.  I wish to reduce that number to 4, with the three base calendars, and one custom.  When I use the Organizer, the calendars do not display in the list(s) of elements in the template.  However, when I choose Project/ChangeWorkingTime ad click the dropdown for the list of calendars they do display.  How can I reduce this list to just the desired calendars?

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      Jack Fox

      I think if you save the file as a .mpp, you can then delete.  Others can let me know if that is the answer?

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      Jon Roberts

      I misused the term “template”.  The client has in fact sent me a .mpp file that they call a “template”.  I have followed suggestions from others like, deleting all resources and re-entering them.  Once I re-enter the resources, back come the calendars.  Since these are resource calendars, they do not show up when one uses the Organizer.

      I have taught and used MS Project since 1998, and much to my surprise, in Project 2010 Professional, when I add a resource of any sort to the Resource Sheet in a new blank file, that resource’s name shows up on the list of Calendars in the Change Working Time list along with Standard, 24-hour and Night Shift.  Of course, when one saves the file as a .mpt, there is no option to delete unwanted/unneeded calendars.

      This is one of the most interesting/challenging little battles that I have had with Project in quite some time.


      Jon Roberts, MCT, MCTS (Managing Projects with MS Project 2007, 2010 & 2013)


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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      Hello John,

      Your observation is correct and that is how Project works. I don’t know the behavior before Project 2003 version, but in Project 2003 and later versions the Organizer option is used to rename only the base calendars. Resource calendars are tied to the resource. When you save as .MPT, there is option only to remove the resource rate information but not the resources calendar themselves.

      If you don’t want the resource and its calendars in the MPT file, remove them from the master file before saving it as a MPT file.


      Sai, PMP, PMI-SP

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