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      I’m quite new to Project and made a newbie mistake: I scheduled by dates, not durations and now I want to wipe out the dates. My professor gave me some help: he told me to select whole, and under constraints put “as soon as possible.” I did this but nothing changed (that I could see).

      Does someone know how I can do this so I don’t have to start afresh?

      Thank you,


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      Heather Agee

      You’re on the right track. I would add the column “Constraint Type” to my view (Right click on the column titles, Insert Column, select “Constraint Type”. Then you can make the first one “As Soon As Possible” and copy it down to all of the rest of the tasks. This will wipe out your Constraint Date.

      I’m assuming you tried selecting all and then just changing it to “As Soon As Possible” in the Task Details Form window. That will not work to change all the tasks.

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      Heather, that was so fast. Thank you! I am going to try this immediately.

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Also Ann, you should check to see that all your tasks are Auto SCheduled in the Task Mode column, if that’s what you intended. Note that depending on what version you are using, switching from Manual to Auto mode may cause unexpected results within the task (old bug) – so you need to carefully check your project problems. Best, jigs

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