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      My organization has requested the use of a given schedule template to be used for all projects.  As a result, this template will be used for multiple sub projects that will be contained in a master project.


      I’m trying to develop a group filter to apply to the master project which will identify the standard events, accomplishments, and criteria (tasks) for all sub projects contained in the master project so there will be a custom view to see all tasks (criteria).


      For the sake of this post, the events are at outline level 2, accomplishments are at outline level 3, and the criteria are at outline level 4 in the schedule template.  I’m not so experienced when it comes to creating formulas in MSP, but this is what I developed thus far to get me started. 


      Using the Text 27 field [Events], I created the following formula:


      IIf([Outline Level]=2,”02 – Event” & ” ” & [Name],” “)


      Using the Text 28 field [Accomplishments], I created the following formula:


      IIf([Outline Level]=3,”03 – Accomplishments” & ” ” & [Name],” “)


      Using the Text 29 field [Phase], I created the following formula:


      IIf([Outline Level]=4,”04 – Criteria” & ” ” & [Name],” “)


      I then created a Grouping Filter to Group By Event [Text27], Acc [Text28], Criteria [Text29].


      To conduct a test, I then opened my master project and applied the Group By Event filter.  Unfortunately, my test failed since the result of the formula only applied the result of the formula at either outline level 2, 3, or 4, whereas I believe result of the formula needs to be applied to all task for either Text fields 27, 28, or 29.  Can anyone help or provide another approach to accomplish the desired result?

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      I reviewed your question and we will be using it today on Project Talk, if you would like to join us.   Also if you combine your formula into a single field using nested if statements, then you can group on a single field instead of having to use mutiple fields.  IIf([Outline Level]=2,"02 – Event",IIf([Outline Level]=3,"03 – Accomplishments",IIf([Outline Level]=4,"04 – Criteria"," ")))
      I also eliminated the task name so the grouping will not be unique for each task, you could add that back in if you want but it will display a new group for each task.   Hope this helps.
      John Riopel
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      Hi Dain,
      Maybe just use 3 flag custom fields on your tasks (events, accomplishments, criteria) then filter on these flags?
      Simon Newton
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      I have done something in the past like Simon suggested, but i also created an additional field that concatenated the 3 mentioned already

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