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      I have an issue with Project Pro 2007 in a Windows 7 64-bit environment, where I turn off the Display Project Guide selection in the Options (Tools-Options-Interface) and then lose all Gantt chart and table displays.
      If I close the Project Guide normally, the above doesn’t happen; only when I turn it off through Options.
      Only came across this in doing UAT where others had changed the default logon details away from corporate standards.  Now I need to close down Project and restart every time to rectify.
      Can anyone help ?
      Brisbane, Australia
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      Hi Andrew,  I cannot replicate this (Project 2007 and Windows7 64 bit).  My project version is 32 bit.  I have had lots of issues with the project guide in 2007 after I installed Project 2010 on the same machine, basically using the project guide or any HTML window (Task drivers) caused Project to crash.  It was fixed by doing a repair in Programs and features.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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