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    I’ve created Earned Value (EV) graph report showing, PV, AC and EV line. But, cannot find the field name ‘Status Date’. So, I created a customized field ‘Text1’ and put [Status Date] and it display in Table View but I cannot find the custom field (Text1) in the Field List in the EV graph report.

    Any help, please.

    Larry Christofaro

    Patrick, look under the Other Fields and then under Custom. The Text fields are below the Outline Code fields. If you renamed it then it would be alphabetic within that list. Hope that helps…


    Thanks for the immediate reply. Sorry, maybe you misunderstood me.

    First step, I’ve created a new Report for Earned Value because to make it more presentable, graphs and etc.
    Second Step, I want to include field ‘Status Date’ but cannot find in the the Field List.

    As per your instruction, I’ve tried to customize outline code and rename it to Status Date or any name but it does not exist in Field List when creating Earned Value Report. I sent this concern to John Riopel, since he presented EVM in MPUG but he refer me to the discussion group which happen you reply. If you have time, in his graph, it shows EV, AC and PV graph horizontal line plus Status Date in Vertical Line.

    Larry Christofaro

    Patrick, sorry for the confusion. You are correct that you cannot add Status Date, or any date, to a graph. Graphs report on timephased data. You can display the Status Date on the dashboard using a workaround like another field, but not directly on the graph.


    Dear Larry,

    Thanks for the immediate reply. I did it by do work around. I was able to display the Status Date in EV Graph. It is very useful for Project Status Report presentation. I will share it later and may post in MPUG. Again, thanks for the collaboration.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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