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      For sometimes now, if one simply deletes the sub-projects from a master plan, you will find that the deleted sub-projects’ type remains “Project (sub-project)” and fails to be reverted back to “Project”.

      Recently, I came across the following solution on how to properly remove sub-projects from a master plan and the sub-projects’ type get set back to “Project” again.

      To properly remove subproject plans from an existing Master plan, please follow the steps below:

      1)Open the master project
      2)Select the subproject and right mouse click on “Information” to open the Information window

      3)In the Information window, select the “Advanced” tab

      4)On the Advanced tab, deselect the checkbox “Link to project” and click “OK”

      5)When prompted to save changes to the subproject, click “Yes”

      6)Select the subproject row and delete the row

      7)When prompted, select the “Continue – Delete <your subproject name> and it’s subtasks” choice and click “OK”.

      8)Verify that the subproject row is removed from the Master project plan

      9)Repeat Step 2 to 8 to remove other subproject plans as needed

      10)Once the subproject removals are complete, Save/Publish/Check-in the Master project plan

      11)Open the subproject plan(s)

      12)Save/Publish/Check-in the subproject plan(s)

      Hope this helps and Enjoy.

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      I didn’t know that deleting of sub projects is not so simple. Thanks for sharing this tip. Quite useful, Sai

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        Brad Johanson SM&A

        I have already deleted the 2013 Server master project and the subprojects are still identified as subprojects. Any ideas how to unlink them when you cannot go into the delted master and unattach them?

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      Abhishek Kumar

      Thank you for excellent explanation !

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      How do you correctly unlink a subproject where you have already simply deleted the line item from the master plan? Therefore I cannot right-click the subproject as it is not there.

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      Alexei Tchikoulaev

      Brad, publishing the Project from MS Project will do the trick and update the Project Type field in the Server from ‘Sub Project’ to ‘Project’.

      When you delete Master Projects from server, the related Sub Projects remain with this classification in the Project Type field. And publishing in PWA is useless in this case.

      Hunter, you can skip steps 2) to 5). They do represent a more proper way, but in most cases deleting the Sub Project line and then Publishing works fine.


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      Danny Spitz

      I have followed the instructions above but cannot delete the sub projects once de-linked as they have actuals booked to them? After publishing and checking in the project still appear as sub projects. Any suggestions?

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      Is resource pool (Master plan serves as resource pool as well) affected by the removal of subprojects? I don’t need finished subprojects in Master but I don’t want to lose recorded work.

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      I have been struggling with this issue for hours! Thank you. You saved the day

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      Excellent explanation. You’re GREAT !
      Blame on Microsoft for not having given documentation on this fundamental issue.
      It would be useful to explain how to unlink a Project from a Resource Pool in a correct manner.

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      Mary Taylor

      Please list ways to remove a subproject in Project Center without actually deleting it

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      What are ways to remove a subproject in Project Center without actually deleting it

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