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      Project Server 2013
      In our organization, we create all new schedules using the EPTs. Each EPT has a template assigned. Then, when a new project is requested, we use the New function in the PWA Projects ribbon to select the EPT and a new schedule is created with the correct template. This part works fine.

      When the project owner initially opens the newly created schedule, we want them to see a specific “start-up” view. Unfortunately, this default view is the part that is not working.

      When we created the templates that are used by the EPTs, the last thing we do before saving the schedule file as a template is to open the “start-up” view. Then we save the schedule file as a template.
      However, when the schedule created by the EPT using the template is opened for the first time, the initial view that appears is the user specified default view and not the “start-up” view desired.

      So here’s the question;
      Does anyone know of any way to save a template so that when it is used to create a new schedule, a template specific default view appears? Meaning Template1 may have a default view of “View1” and Template2 may have a default view of “View2”.

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