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      Ahoj excel expert guys 😉 I want kindly ask you for help, my knowledge is not good enough to solve this 🙂

      I need to spread out the saving/challenge into monthly values (in the final they can’t be minus in Category and in the Group)

      example (reality is more groups and more categories): I manage 3 fruittrades (Group), each has 3 Category of fruit and different money/budget (used for buying of different ammount of fruit in stock in differnet months of the year). And the new goal for next year is to save 10% of planned budget/spending (same as this year) in each Group so, that at final any value should not be minus (=negative)

      I don’t know, if I explained it clearly
      omg, I can not read it again, otherwise will not sent it 🙂
      best regards

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