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    Within Project Server 2010, is there a way to exclude tasks (or projects) from a users time sheet?  We are using a project plan for production support to  track assignments for capacity/ resource planning purposes.  We do not want to track actual work against these assigned tasks.  Thus, we do not want them to appear in the users time sheet.

    From Member – Kevin Balawender



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    Larry Christofaro

    Kevin, there are a few ways to keep tasks from showing up on timesheets.  For individual tasks, you can set the Publish flag to No in MS Project or close the tasks in Close Tasks to Update in server settings.  Projects and resource utilization reporting is not affected by either of these options.  To do this for an entire project, you can set the resource’s Booking Type to Proposed.  This does affect resource utilization only that there are options available to filter resource demand by booking type.  Hope that helps…Larry Christofaro

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    Kevin Balawender

    Thanks for your help Larry.  This is exactly the info I needed.

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    Terry Kneeburg

    Kevin, I recently wrote an MPUG article about this topic.  You can find it here https://www.mpug.com/articles/how-to-remove-completed-and-cancelled-projects-and-tasks-from-timesheets-in-project-server/.  All the best, Terry Kneeburg.

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