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      I’m trying to find an easy way to export an MS Project file into Excel. We don’t have Project Server installed.

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      Not sure if you are in 2007 or 2010. I beleive 2010 has a direct export feature but here is what we do in 2007.

      This may seem lengthy but you get very proficient and can also set up Macros to speed it along even further……

      – be sure your schedule has the elements you wish to have in excel along with the Ouline Level and Summary columns

      -highlight all that you want to export

      – use CTRL C to copy – if this is over a large file, be sure to watch for the flipping timer to be certain it completes before the next step

      -in excel, CTRL V to paste the content; use row 1 for your headers [I have a template file I use so that I do not need to type all the headers each time but be sure your column order is matching]

      -turn on the filters in excel

      -in the summary column, filter for yes, and format for bold [i also color those rows to reinforce that they are summary lines]

      -highlight the task name from top to bottom

      -with the task names highlighted, select level 1 in the Outline column and indent the resulting task names once; then select level 2 and indent twice, etc until you are through all of your ouline levels


      This really does meet your need for easy”, it just takes time to get proficient with the steps. I hope this helps!

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