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      I am trying to create a new workspace template for 2007 version of MS Project and Server.  I used MSDN instructions “Extending the Project Workspace Template”.  When I try to create a new project the workspace is not created because I am getting a “Web is already linked to another project” error.

      Error summary/areas:

      Web is already linked to another project




      Error details:


      <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-16″?>



          <class name=”Web is already linked to another project”>

            <error id=”16406″ name=”WSSSpWebAlreadyLinkedToProject” uid=”0d475700-b061-4824-9a14-7ee5cfd99fc4″ projectUid=”5e0d2f06-2901-47ff-ba7c-fc146d1766eb” wssFullUrl=”http://nortproj/dev/TESTING-DEB1-NEW Workspace” />


          <class name=”Queue”>

            <error id=”26000″ name=”GeneralQueueJobFailed” uid=”e7e6f48d-ed14-4fdd-9f77-23ce62a06070″ JobUID=”9f5dfecc-820a-4753-a3d9-85f3c8b51f44″ ComputerName=”NORTPROJ” GroupType=”CreateWssSite” MessageType=”CreateWssSiteMessage” MessageId=”1″ Stage=”” />





      Can any one help to solve this problem?

      Thank you

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