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      Brad Mitchell

      I am a graduate program Corporate Faculty member who is responsible for a course that instructs our students in the use of MS Project. Our university is active in pursuit of academic integrity and to identify plagiarism.
      Is there any way to externally compare two MS Project files to determine duplication and /or degree (percentage) of similarity? Within MSP you can run the Compare Projects Report, but this involves opening both etc. etc.
      Grateful for your assistance.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Certainly not within the product itself, and I haven’t heard anything else that is similar to your request. Sorry about that, but all I would do is to do the same basic WWW searches you would do.

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      Perhaps a tool you can use is one of the best kept secrets around. NASA has a free Schedule Test and Assessment Tool for which you can apply for access based upon your use. It is an incredible tool, and has a schedule comparison feature in it along with some other features that will shock you that are free as some companies are charging thousands of dollars for the same features. The NASA software catalog website for STAT version 5.0 is

      Be honest in your use of the software on the application. It only takes a couple of days to gain access if approved. Good luck.

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        Brad Mitchell

        Thank you! This looks quite interesting. I’m not sure it meets the original intent of the post, but we may be able to use it.

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      Mark Wells

      I currently use the STAT tool. In fact I used to work for the company that developed it. I have version 3.5.8, which does not have a compare function. I will apply for an upgrade to 5.0 and check it out. Thanks much for the information. We currently have a problem with the MS Project compare function in Project Pro 2013, so an alternative is welcome. The version of STAT is a Project Addin, so one would still have to open both files in my opinion.


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