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    Carlos Santos

    I m using MS Project 2016
    I m not familiarized with Groups and filters.
    How can I set a filter or a group that includes all the tasks or part of the tasks between two dates
    ex: 12/26/2018 to 01/26/2019.
    The Issue is: I want to have the the project cost in every 26Th day of each month. (should include all the tasks work and costs performed until the 2nd date)


    Carlos Santos

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    Heather Agee


    Sounds like you just need to apply a date range filter. View Menu – Data Group – drop the filter menu down, select “Date Range…” Enter your start and finish dates.

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    Carlos Santos

    Hi Heather Agee

    Happy New Year!
    Thanks for your answer.
    It is for my Monthly Cash Flow (that should consider two dates: between month1, 25th to month2, 25th, and so on…)
    The MS Project Report Monthly Cash Flow considers from day 1 to 30.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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