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      I created two filters. One I wanted to use to filter off some tasks, and then I wanted to use the second to highlight some different tasks within that filtered view. However, MS Project ’13 clears the firstly applied filter. Is this expected? basically the higlighting and filtering option cannot be used in tandem.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Nick, it is true that once you apply a filter it refilters the data. If it works for your situation you could try to filter a column (use the auto-filter similar to Excel) and then use the highlight filter. Hope that helps…

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad
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      Hi Nick, Larry is correct. If you want the second filter to be applied on the result of the first filter, then you should create a custom filter. Create a new filter with the condition of both these filters and apply the same. Check this picture on how to join to conditions using AND condition

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      Hi Guys, thank you for the responses. I guess I was wondering why “Highlight” needs to behave like a filter as opposed to a conditional format. I am trying to filter the network diagram view on a Flag1 variable and then highlight a particular resource assigned to steps in the process to show when they are involved. I already used the marked flag to indicate which process steps were automated.

      Larry, I tried the filter using column header then highlight in the gantt view. Even though it looks like the filter is still applied with the highlighting, it is not.

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