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      I have the following situation in our Project Server 2010 env:

      Task A (Fixed Duration and Effort Drivin on) assigned to Res A (70%) and Res B (30%).  Task has a 5 days duration.  Both Res A and B using Standard Calendar.  Task Start Date is 4/2/2012 and End Date is 4/6/2012

      In PWA, Res A updated his task % completed to 50% and changed the Task Finish Date to date value eariler than 4/6/2012.  While Res B has not update anything in PWA.

      In PWA, PM views the “Preview Updates” via the approval center, the entries is still showing 0% for % Completed and Finish Date remains unchange – 4/6/2012.  PM Approves the update.

      In Project client, PM opens the plan the % Completed is still %.  However, if PM change the view to Task Usage, he sees % Work Completed for Res A is showing 50%, but Task’s % Completed is still 0%.  Res B % Work Completed is still 0 since he has not started on the task.

      If both Res A and Res B update the task with % of Completed in PWA, the overall task % Completed will display the lower % Completed value once PM accepts the updates via PWA.

      Question – Should the % Completed shows the aggregated % Work Completed by both resources?

      Hope this makes sense.  Help please.

      Sincerely, Joseph

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      Good explanation of the issue.  The first thing to note is that % Complete for the task is not an aggregate of % Work Complete.  You also have a % Work Complete for the task which should” be the correct aggregate (assuming both assignments have the same amount of work).  % Complete is a percent of actual/remaining time/duration, and % Work Complete is a percent of actual/remaining work.

      There still seems to be an issue with % Complete if a resource has any amount of actual work.  % Complete should show some amount of completion, even if it doesn’t show a true aggregate of work complete.  That may be a bug.  I do know that 2010 still has its share of bugs.  Have you updated to SP1?  That might help.

      Hope that helps…

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      Hi Larry:

      We are on SP1 with June 2011 CU in our PS 2010 environment.  I agreed with you that % COMPLETED should at least have some values since resouces did report progress even if just one of them.  The odd part was that if RES A puts 50% and RES B puts 30, then the % COMPLETED will take the lower value.  % Work Completed is showing the correct aggregate in my case.

      I will try this out with FIXED WORK and FIXED UNIT typed tasks too.  Once I completed my testing, I will post to the community on my findings.

      Best, Joseph

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