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      I am using the field Start, Finish and Duration to calculation the tasks for a production deployment (January 2022). Since I do not want to create another plan for Dress Rehearsal, I used the file and flagged the tasks that are applicable for Dress Rehearsal or not. Then I added few Custom fields for the Dress Rehearsal Date (e.g November). These fiends are Start1, Finish1, and Duration1.

      My question is, how can you make Start1 work like Start? Meaning when you add/change/update predecessor, it will also automatically adjust the schedule in Start1 too not just in Start.


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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler

      See if this works. Its from a technique used to create hammock tasks (where task B start date is automatically adjusted to match the start date of task A for example).
      * Highlight the Start cell (the cell that will contain the date you want to match)
      * On the Edit menu, click Copy (Cell).
      * Highlight the Start1 cell
      * On the Edit menu, click Paste Special, and click Paste Link.
      I’ve never used this technique within the same task, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.
      In essence, this process links the Start1 field value to the value in the Start field.
      Hope that works.

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