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      Gamma Syahrial

      Hello, iam currently using Ms Project 2016 stand alone, and iam trying to make schedule for construction project
      iam having troube making formula in Ms Project to find out progress percentage of some task (this progress is base on value of money)
      if iam using Excel the formula for this is “(Volume x base price) / Total Cost of the Project”
      in Ms Project Formula “Total Cost of the Project” i input manually
      is there a formula to input “Total Cost of the Project” automatic by using total sum of cost column?

      Thank You

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      Klais Surik

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      Ismet Kocaman

      There is no project level field (e.g., Project Start, Project Finish) that can be referenced in a custom field formula in order to get the total project cost.

      That was my five-vote suggestion on the UserVoice, see here:

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      miles goodchild

      There is no way to do this in MS Project for a specific task, it would be possible to do a total across the project but that isn’t what you’re trying to do. The best way to do this would be to pull the required data out of the MS project using a view that displays the data that you need and then drop it into Excel to do the calculation. You could then copy and paste the data back into a custom text or number field to display as you want in Project. This custom field could be present in the custom view. There is a risk that the data presented is out of date if the plan changes between refreshes of the custom display field however the process would be quick:
      * display custom view “Cost Progress”
      * copy the columns needed in excel
      * Paste into Excel and then copy the output column
      * Paste back into MS project.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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