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      Casi Gross

      Is it possible to create a formula as follows? Start date – 10 days
      I have been asked to create two different schedules for each project to show different dates and I would like to make it a little more automated, if possible. Thanks.

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      Avatar photoJohn Williamson

      Casi: you could insert a date field then use the formula: Start -10 then rename the field to Start 2, but may I suggest an alternative approach? If you are going to be using two schedules, you may want to click the Project tab, select Project Information, then offset the Start date of the second project by 10 days.


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      stein milward


      You can also use Baseline1 plan for this. Set your baseline 1 on your plan, then offset your plan by 10 days as John says.

      Stein Milward
      MS Project for bygg og anlegg

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