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      I am trying to do portfolio planning and resource capacity planning using Project Professional and Project Server 2010. For example, I have a team of 3 PM’s (Mary, John, Fred) and I want to plan projects using a generic resource “PM” and when the projects are close to being started, I want to switch the assignments from this generic resource to one of the specific PM’s, lets say Mary.  Similarly I have other projects that are either in a planning stage or in execution with either the generic resource “PM” assigned or with specific PM’s assigned.  In this mix I have other teams: developers, BA’s, testers, etc each having generic names and their named resources that make up the teams. With this being said, I need to know at all times whether each of my teams are over capacity or whether I have spare capacity to allow other projects to be planned or executed. I don’t know how to do this – I’m hoping that I am overlooking something simple, but I need some guidance here.  Thanks in advance!!!

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      Tom Herrington


      You can check the capacity of any selected resources within the Resource Center.  Select the resources that make up the generic resource, then click button on the tool bar called Resource Availability.  The page will graphically indicate the load and capacity on the selected resources based upon the settings you select (daily, monthly, etc.) as well as indicating which projects will consume their time in future.


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