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      Stergios Kokkoris

      I am preparing a generic schedule, namely, I have converted the timescale calendar (middle tier) from visualizing specific dates to show week 1, week 2, etc.
      The bottom tier is set to represent the dates as day1, day2, etc.
      I would like to show the start and finish dates of the tasks on Ghantt chart bars but MS Project instead of day1, day2, etc kpet the specific dates initially generated.
      Could I change the specific dates on bars from specific to generic?

      thank you in advance

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Stergios, good question. You can change the Gantt date format using the Layout function (Format ribbon/Layout or right click on the Gantt chart. Unfortunately they all represent a date, but one indicates week/day number. If that doesn’t work you might looking into using a custom field to format the date the way you want (concatenating text with the date difference from the project start, or however you want).
      Hope that helps…

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      Stergios Kokkoris

      Unfortunately it did not work. Thank you Larry for your try, I appreciate your effort and time.

      best regards


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      Julie Sheets

      Pardon me for bumping in. As Larry mentions you can use a custom field (Text1) to calculate the difference between the project start date and the start of each task. Then use another field (Text2) to calculate the difference between each tasks finish date and the project start date. Then modify the bar styles to show those ‘generic’ dates next to each bar.

      For example: Add the Text1 field to a table and customize the field with the following formula:

      “D ” & ProjDateDiff([Project Start],[Start], “name of the project calendar”)/[Minutes Per Day]

      replace the text name of the project calendar with the name of your project calendar.

      Repeat the process for the Text2 field using the formula:

      “D ” & ProjDateDiff([Project Start],[Finish], “name of the project calendar”)/[Minutes Per Day]

      Then modify the Bar styles to show Text1 to the left of the bar and Text2 to the right of the bar.

      You can then hide the Text1 and Text2 fields in the table.

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      Stergios Kokkoris

      Dear Julie,

      thank you very much for your help.


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