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      As per numerous articles I have seen, a user should be able to create a shortcut to a Global.mpt on a shared server by having the shortcut point to their Project executable file (Winproj.exe) with the shortcut’s ‘Start in’ field pointing to the shared server folder that contains the Global.mpt file.

      This has worked for me with Project 2016 on Office 2013, even with “Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus” (32-bit). However, my company has recently started implementing “Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise” (64-bit). When Project 2016 is installed with this, I can no longer get it to reference or connect to any Global.mpt file other than the standard one in the default location on their own PC.

      Creating a shortcut to Project’s executable and then changing the ‘Start in’ field of the shortcut to another folder on the PC does not make it start with that Global. And it doesn’t work with a server-based Global file either.

      This is preventing us allowing users to access common code in the shared server-based Global file.

      The only way I’ve been able to access the alternative Global file is by making it (the Global file, not the executable file) the ‘Target’ in the shortcut. However this then opens the alternative Global AND the local Global and code quickly reverts to the local Global (so most code in the shared Global is ignored).

      Does anyone know why this is or how it can be resolved?

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