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      Roger Heirbaut

      Hi! I keep having problems to use the function ‘Go to next overallocation’ (MSP 2013 and 2016). To me it seems unreliable.
      I open the resource usage view and select an overallocated resource, who performs several tasks simultaneously at the same day, let’s say 2 tasks of 8 hours each, and that happens on several days, so it is overallocated. Yes, leveling options are set to ‘day by day’. Then I click ‘next overallocation’. Mostly the time scale is positioned correctly to the first day there is overallocation, indicated in red. Then I click ‘next overallocation’ again and I receive a message that ‘there is no more overallocation after time/date’, but there still is overallocation in the future, it just isn’t recognized! Sometimes this message is always shown, even when I position the time scale at the beginning of the project, then it even doesn’t find the first occurence.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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