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      I am managing a project where I have engineering installing hardware in about 100 locations. For example I have 770 printers that have to be installed among other things. In addition to getting a report of the number of hardware installed, I get the time taken by the engineers to install the hardware through project server and hence I have an efficient way of managing the work resources.

      I have the printers entered as material resources in the resource sheet and I have assigned the total units as 770, I also have the unit price assigned to it. Consider for example that at the end of Aug, 200 printers were installed. I would calculate 200/770 = 26 % as the physical % complete. Is this the best that can be done in MS Project 2017 Professional? My goal is to take this further and be able to do Earned value calculations.

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      Larry Christofaro

      George, you are off to a good start. My biggest suggestion is that you seem to want to convert the actual printers installed to a %. I would suggest that you use a Resource Usage view and enter the actual number per period in the timephased section of the view. This will update the % Complete. Time phased updates are important for EV. I don’t tend to use Physical % Complete because it is all manual compared to % Complete, but it becomes necessary when you want to consider learning experience (the first printer will take longer to install then the last printer so even though they are half way through their estimated effort/timeline, they are less then half way through the number of printers). I just haven’t had a situation where that was necessary. Good luck…

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      Thank you Larry for your valuable comments.

      Regarding your comment, “.. would suggest that you use a Resource Usage view and enter the actual number per period in the timephased section of the view.” I have added actual work to the timephased section and will update the number of hardware that is set up.

      If time permits, would appreciate a quick confirmation of whether you had actual work or work in mind, when you made the suggestion.

      Thanks again.

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      Larry Christofaro

      Mathew, I think you can do both, but you might want to do some testing. If I remember material resources behave differently than work resources and it’s been a while since I worked closely with materials. I might suggest one more thing for you. EV is a pretty complex solution with some requirements and considerations for Project. The good news is that there are plenty of articles, blogs, and videos out there that go through this in a lot more detail than can be done in a forum. MPUG has both articles and videos that are pretty good. Good luck…

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      Thanks again and I will try out both. I have till the end of December to finish the project and if I am allowed I shall make a write up of what worked for me and post it in the appropriate forum.

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