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      Following is my formatting problem:

      Task Mode Task Name Finish Finish1 Days
      Auto Scheduled Deployment 1.0 Tue 1/10/12 NA 4294926376.29
      Manually Scheduled Task 1 Mon 1/9/12 Tue 1/10/12 1.38
      Manually Scheduled Task 2 Tue 1/10/12 Wed 1/11/12 1

      The finish Fields are extracted from other project files. The Days field is a custom Number field that is calculated as follows:


      Can someone please help me in showing me how to format the “Days” column with zero decimal.

      Thanks for your help

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      I took a quick look at this – one possible quick fix could be adding the integer function to your formula:


      It returns the integer portion of a number.  I call this a quick fix because I think there are several ways you can have a decimal in this field and you might want to investigate further.  If there is a difference in the working times between the two different projects, this might be a cause.  You can show the time along with the date to see if one finish is at 5:00 and the other is at a different time (options/general/date format).


      Tim Jones

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      From memory, you can use a mixture of instr and left to find the number of characters to the left of the period (.) and then return the number of characters to the left of the (.)  this wouldn’t round it up, just truncate it.  A number field formats to 2 decimal places.

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      Pls try DateDiff( d”, [Finish, [Finish1] ) or the following to suppress “#ERROR” in case Finish1 contains no valid date value:


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