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How can I create a “Custom Work Field”

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    I would like to implement custom fields which display a work value, for example “20 d”. The fields can be either calculated (e.g. the work of a specific resource group), or entered (e.g. an initial estimate of work, which should not be entered in the standard “Work” field yet).

    How can I create a field which displays the values including the units (e.g. “d” or “hrs”). I could take a Custom Number Field (but then I cannot add a unit, as far as I know), or a Custom Text Field (but that’s not really what text fields are for), or tweak a Duration field for that purpose). What would you recommend?

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    The custom duration field should work great for this purpose.  You can even sum the work properly.
    Hope that helps,
    Larry Christofaro
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    I tried it out, it looks great. Users can even choose between entering data in days or hours. Thanks!
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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