How do yo convert a detailed MS Project Schedule to a High Level Gantt Chart?

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      I am currently using MS Project to plan a large corporate conference with multiple workstreams. There are about 8 different workstreams. How can I effectively display a high level gantt chart/tkimeline for each workstream on the same page?

      1. Do you treat each workstream as a separate subproject and copy and paste the timeline view of each of the subprojects into a single chart?
      2. Do you create a map to move important fields from MS Project to excel and then use an excel template(s) to populate a graph which covers multiple worksteams? If so, how do you accomplish this?

      What would be a recommended approach?

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Amy, that’s a tough one to answer without seeing the plan and what you want to show, but I’m happy to provide my input. I would tend to stay away from sub-projects if it is only for reporting. That’s adding a lot of complexity to the project. The rest gives you some options. If the timeline view provides a good format then you can do that. I’ve created multiple timelines for different workstreams, and in 2016 you can create multiple bars on the same timeline. You can print a pretty good looking Gantt chart if you take the time. I have an MPUG webinar that shows you how. The Reports menu can do quite a bit to provide graphs and the good news is that these are updated real-time. If you are more an Excel person than a Project person then yes, there is always an export to Excel.

      The key I think might be to create a field called workstream that can filter/sort the tasks, and also allow you to select the tasks you want to report on.

      Hope that helps…

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Amy, I agree with what Larry said except that I do use a master plan / sub projects for reporting all the time. If in your current project you can roll up the 8 work streams into a single task, then cutting up the project into a master / sub plan format should only take about 30 minutes or so.

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      To add on to Jigs comment, you can create a temporary master schedule by opening each schedule individually, which will result in “X” number of open windows. Then on the View ribbon, click New Window. A pop-up will appear asking which of the already open schedules to include in the new window. Select all the schedules and click OK. Now you have “X” schedules stacked on top of each other in the same window. From here you can easily create a summary Gantt view simply by displaying the first level WBS of each schedule, or more detailed WBS levels as necessary if you wish to display progress on key deliverables within each schedule.
      Since this is a temporary master schedule, you’re not saving it and therefore customized views created in that temporary master aren’t saved either (unless you add them to your global), but if the view is simple enough that it only takes a minute to recreate it, this may be an option. The benefit is that you have no master schedule to worry about because you only create a temporary master when you need a reporting view.
      Just a thought…

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