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      Hi, I’m a developer and I need to write some scheduling information to Project XML file format and programmatically open the file in MS Project 2013.

      Question #1: I don’t want to associate the “.xml” extension with MS Project because I have other XML config files that have nothing to do with Project. How to auto open Project XML files in Project (so that users don’t have to launch Project first then open XML files inside of Project)?

      Question #2: Whenever Project opens an XML file, an Import Wizard dialog is shown. However, there is nothing for user to do except click “Finish” button and be done. Although simple (just one click) it’s annoying. How to prevent the Import Wizard from appearing?

      Thanks for any help!

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      Avatar photoMatt Rondeau


      I think what you’re looking to accomplish is to automate MS Project and import the contents of an XML file into an existing or new project file without user intervention…

      This post may be helpful:

      Also, I’d check out the section “Saving and Importing Project XML Data” at:

      (Obviously any changes you make to the XML files will need to conform to the Project XML Schema / Data Interchange format: …note in the event that there is an issue or if Project believes there is an inconsistency in the XML data, unfortunately you may not have an elegant way of suppressing the XML line import error dialog–as I am not sure whether calls to thisProjApp.DisplayAlerts = False and thisProjApp.Alerts(False) cover these type of errors).

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