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      Hi all
      Does anyone know how to create a summary schedule on MS project or have a video link showing how to do this. Thank you.

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      For the desktop Project Standard, after you have set up the project file (or with a blank file) go to the Project tab, on the far left is the command to insert a “Subproject”, click on that and it will bring up a file explorer window. Select which file you will be inserting and click on “Insert”. repeat this step for all the projects you will be inserting into the Master/Summary file.
      After you’ve done this you can create links between subprojects and between activities on the Summary file and subprojects as necessary to integrate.

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      Miles Goodchild

      Assuming that you are asking how to create a summary or “Plan on a Page” (POAP) which presents a simple and easy to digest view of your MS Project plan then consider the use of the “Timeline” view within MS Project. To use this simply click on the “timeline” check box in the View / Split view section of the menu. This displays a blank window at the top of the screen. Now you can choose which tasks, milestones or summary lines you want to display in the Timeline. To do this you can either:
      * right mouse on your chosen item and chose “Add to timeline” or
      * right mouse in a blank area of the timeline and choose “insert task” / “existing task” and then select as many items as you want from the dialogue which pops up.
      Now that you have all your items in the timeline you can drag them up and down to arrange them and colour them to show different groupings etc. MS Project will automatically reflect the % complete.
      You can copy and paste the timeline into presentations etc.

      This is a powerful, simple and free tool to summarise your project plan. It does have its drawbacks but all free things do. If you need to do more then consider SummaryPro (my tool which I use every day) which allows you to do far more but does cost 🙂

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      Please, try following methods;

      Method 1
      Select the names of Task 4 and Task 5.

      Click Task Tab → group Insert → Click Summary
      MS Project creates a <New Summary Task>.

      Rename it to Summary Task 1.

      I prefer the second method because its much easier to implement, in my opinion, and I always use it while I have to write essay for sale and for projects in the analytical group (
      Method 2
      You can click Task 4 row.

      Select “Insert Task”. A <New Task> is created.
      You can rename the Task. Here it is renamed as Summary Task 1. Don’t enter any duration for this task.

      Now select Task 4 and Task 5.

      Click Task tab → Schedule group → Click Indent Task

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      Kurt M. Malone

      Like it Now select Task 4 and Task 5.

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      4 task is nice.

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