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How to Inactivate a task with Progress in Microsoft Project 2007

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    Kelly Gibson


    A project that I am supporting has an open task with 50% progress claimed. Work has actually been done on this task; therefore there is ACWP being reported against it in our Earned Value Engine. However, due to other priorities this task is being suspended indefinitely. I am trying to figure out the correct way to status this task. It should have completed in the January 2014 accoutning period, but is only half way complete. I don’t feel marking the task 100% complete to close the task is the proper method, as there is a possiblity if time permits that the work could be reinstated. I currently have a note attached to the task stating it has been suspended and can update the task name to state the same, but I am still not sure how to handle the actual statusing. We are using Microsoft Project 2007. Any suggestions on how to address this would be greatly appreciated.


    Avatar photoJosh Logan

    Remove the “remaining” planned work/planned cost as if you were performing a baseline change, then mark the task 100% complete. That is, the effort completed will reflect the cost/work at the 50% progress.

    If you *are* using baseline change management at your organization, prepare a spreadsheet showing the before and after change (% complete, cost, work) and use Notes to comment the history. You might then be able to assign the task’s remaining budget to another task.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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