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      Kelly Gibson


      A project that I am supporting has an open task with 50% progress claimed. Work has actually been done on this task; therefore there is ACWP being reported against it in our Earned Value Engine. However, due to other priorities this task is being suspended indefinitely. I am trying to figure out the correct way to status this task. It should have completed in the January 2014 accoutning period, but is only half way complete. I don’t feel marking the task 100% complete to close the task is the proper method, as there is a possiblity if time permits that the work could be reinstated. I currently have a note attached to the task stating it has been suspended and can update the task name to state the same, but I am still not sure how to handle the actual statusing. We are using Microsoft Project 2007. Any suggestions on how to address this would be greatly appreciated.


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      Avatar photoJosh Logan

      Remove the “remaining” planned work/planned cost as if you were performing a baseline change, then mark the task 100% complete. That is, the effort completed will reflect the cost/work at the 50% progress.

      If you *are* using baseline change management at your organization, prepare a spreadsheet showing the before and after change (% complete, cost, work) and use Notes to comment the history. You might then be able to assign the task’s remaining budget to another task.

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