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    Dear all,
    I would need your advice how to link tasks.

    I will sell the same product in 2 countries and in each country we wait for registration. Estimated registration time at this moment is 12 months in first country and 18 months in second one and I know that Artwork has to be ready at the time of the registration and it takes 3 months to prepare the artwork.

    So to summarise I need to kick off preparation of the arwork 3 month prior the first country is registered. Can you advice which link to use ? I used FF which I use in case of one country but in case of 2 countries it takes the longer lead time so I would not have artwork ready for the country with shorten lead time (in this case Bahrain). Please see picture enclosed (not sure it is uploaded correctly)

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    This question has come up before and I’m not sure there was a satisfactory answer given out of box functionality.  If you don’t get a better answer you could setup two tasks for create artwork, one for each country.  The first task takes that becomes current controls the start date of the artwork.  It’s a poor mans solution but will communicate the need appropriately.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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