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      I recently started at a new company. So far all of my .mpp files are on my own computer- and we all know what a bad plan that is.

      I would like to move to a company server, however most of my files are linked to a Resource .mpp file and from what I understand those links include the local path.

      How to I move my .mpp files to another directory and preserve or update the links between project files?


      -Bob C.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      BobC, good question. Go ahead and move the projects and resource pool to the new location. Then do the following:
      * Open the resource pool and all projects you want to link (or a few at at time)
      * Select Resource Pool / Share Resources, select each of the existing links and break the link
      * Open each project you want to link, select Share Resources, and reselect the resource pool
      Hope this helps…

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      OR use a cloud service that honors ur local file system, like Dropbox and many others. Install that, and you should not have to re-link anything. (Other issues arise, but related to the cloud in general).This may be a useful tact if you have hundreds or more files to relink.

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      Avatar photoEric Uyttewaal

      Hi, I would like to add what Larry and Jigs wrote. The linked files appear in the Microsoft Project interface as if they are absolute path references (i.e. “C:\My Documents\MyProject.MPP”), but, in fact, they are relative path references (i.e. “Look in the same directory/folder for this file” or “Go one directory/folder level up and then one level down into “\My Projects” to look for this file name”). This means that, if you move a whole system of linked files from one directory/folder to another directory/folder, you would never need to re-link those files.
      BTW I describe in detail how to work with linked files and shared resource pools in my textbook ‘Forecasting Programs’. Thanks!

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      Larry, Jigs, and Eric-

      Just wanted to post a quick note of thanks! I did as Eric suggested and moved them all together, it worked perfectly. I didn’t have to break & re-create the links.

      -Bob C.

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