How to move the Global Template file from local PC to a file server for sharing?

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      I don’t have Project Server 2010 (only have the Professional version on my PC), however, I would like to be able to “share” my Global Template (e.g. having the Global Template file located on a local file server so myself and a few colleagues can have their MS Project 2010 (professional edition) pointing to it when opening a new project file, and be able to have all the same views, reports, etc.)

      I now this used to be possible back on version 2007. But I am not sure whether or not this is possible with version 2010.

      If it is also possible with the 2010 version (professional edition, without Project Server):
      – where to locate the Global Template file on my local PC (i.e. which directory)
      – how to move the Global Template from my PC to a local file server on a shared directory on e.g. a shared external hard disk.
      – how to (re)configure my local PC MS-Project 2010 Professional so it points to the Global Template located into this remote shared directory, instead of using my local PC default Global Template.

      I am very grateful for your help,
      With kind regards.

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      When using MS Project 2016, if there is a version of Global.mpt in the local directory containing the project file being launched, MS Project does NOT look for the Global.mpt in that local directory. That may be true of earlier versions of MS Projecd, but NOT version 2016.

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      Thanks a lot for the explanation.

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      Great question. First, let me answer your first question on the locations Project searches for Global.MPT
      1. The current folder
      2. The user’s profile folder
      3. The user’s profile language folder
      4. The folder where the Winproj.exe file is located
      5. The Winproj.exe language folder
      Source: More information section from

      On your second question on sharing Global.MPT use the following steps
      1. Copy Global.MPT to shared folder (like \\myshare\project)
      2. Ask each user, to create a short-cut of Project on their desktop
      3. Edit the short cut and set the Start In folder to be shared folder
      4. Now, the user launches Project using this short cut, Project checks the Start In folder rather than current folder.

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