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      How to pull actual task hours worked for a given time period per resource per task
      Hello everyone.
      Here is my situation: I’ve been tasked to track and report on every hour of work performed by the team; project related and non-project related. The goal will be to have a report that shows every task and the time spent on that task per week per resource.

      Proposed solution: I’m trying to have the team use a combination of daily/weekly Tasks updates and Timesheets to track their actual hours per week. We are updating actuals in Tasks for the current time period to track tasks associated to specific projects and we are using Timesheet for tracking actual hours on non-project specific items such as Production Support, Maintenance, non-project meetings, etc.. This seems to be working as I can get updates for our specific projects as well as a better handle on the work that is being performed outside of projects.
      I need to roll up both sets of data (Tasks and Timesheets) to see total hours for the week per task per resource. We use PowerBI to display all our specific project information and my goal is to see this combined information there as well.

      Current Problem:
      A: I can get Timesheet data into my dashboard, no problem. I cannot figure out how to find the actual work hours submitted per task for a given day/week/time period. I can get total work assigned to the task, I can see total actual work spent on the task until now, but I cannot figure out how to see what actual hours were spent on a task on a specific day/week/time period.
      B: Will I be able to select a specific day/week/time period to display both Task data and Timesheet data in the same visualization?

      Environment: mix of Project 2016 (me), Project Online (team), PowerBI RS (me, management)

      Is this something anyone can help me with?

      Thank you.

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