How to reference “Custom Properties” from a formula in “Resource Sheet”?

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      I’m using MS Project 2019 and would like to set some general (custom) properties for my Project (such as fee), and then create a custom field in my resource sheet that modifies the baseline cost by this amount. However, I’m having trouble finding how to reference these custom properties….

      I have done the following:
      1) Created a “custom property” from the “Advanced Properties” window in the Project info section, called “FEE” and assigned it a value of 1.10 (10% fee)
      2) Created a new “custom field” called “Marked-Up Cost” in the resource sheet
      3) Entered the Std. Rate for all of my resources (Work / Material)

      What I want to do is to add a formula that will auto-generate “Marked-Up Cost” as:
      [Marked-Up Cost] = [Cost]*[FEE]

      …however, I don’t know how to reference the property “FEE” correctly – each time I try I am told that the field does not exist…

      Can you help me determine how to reference the custom property in a resource-sheet formula ???

      Thanks in advance!


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