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      Hi All,

      I have been wrecking my brains to understand this simple thing:

      I want to import “actual hours” done by resources which drives actual cost. Also, I want to be able to separately give % progress to each task. In our projects, if we have done 50% of the budgeted hours, that does not mean that we have finished 50% of the task. (which I assume is very practical case with all projects). I want to capture the fact that we have burned 50% budget but the progress achieved is let’s say 30%. This would help me show variances, earned value calculations etc.

      Can anyone help me with step by step set up to achieve this? Am I completely missing something? I tried file–> options –> schedule –> calculation options but to no avail…

      PS: Using MS Project for Office 365 32-bit desktop version.

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      You can use the Physical percentage complete

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      Daryl Deffler

      The problem you’re encountering is created because you’re you’re only importing actual work, which is half the needed information. You also need to import remaining work estimates (if it will differ from what Project will calculate when after actual hours are applied).
      If a task is estimated at 100 hours and you tell it 50 hours are complete, project will always see that as 50% complete. If, in your example, this task should only be represented as 30% complete, then that means there needs to be 100 hours of remaining work. When the remaining work is adjusted, then Project will adjust things like the %complete and variances accordingly.
      hope that helps

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