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      I am scratching my head to come up with the most practical and elegant way to the following problem and appreciate your help.

      Every morning when I get to the office, I start from zero (as I have a terrible memory) – I don’t remember which tasks everyone across my 20+ projects should be doing today 🙁

      As I have all my projects, down to task level, in MS Project (so it’s in MS Project Server), there must be an “easy” way to see all those tasks for today?

      What do you suggest?


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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Hi George, u could just create a master project and imbed them all as subs, and then just look at an expanded Gantt (View / Data / Outline / All Subtasks) and then use the Tables / Schedule and Sort to see them all listed by Start Date or whatever. I think that’s one way 🙂 Cheers, Jigs

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      Hi George;
      To add to Jigs comments. You can also create a filter which could be applied to a task or resource usage view. This will limit the view to only the tasks you want to see.
      I’d suggest starting with a filter with Actual Finish equals NA and Start is less than or equal to “Enter Todays Date”? .
      Note that the Enter Todays Date in quotes followed by a question mark is entered into the values field. This will cause Project to prompt you for a date entry.

      If not using a Resource Usage view, I’d also suggest grouping by Resource, which may necessitate adding the Project Name to the view columns so that you/the resource knows which project the task is associated with.

      Hope this helps

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      Thank you gentleman,

      Thats exactly what I needed, and yes it works.


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