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    Was trying to get some info on this new feature. i have a query, when we have sequential tasks (for Ex: Task A, B and C and also same resource is working on all the taks) and we inactivate Task B , then Task C is not pushed to start immediately after Task A, even though it is inactive the resource is idle and will start after Task B duration? is this the way it should work?


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    In your example, When you inactivate Task B, Task C will NOT automatically link to Task A.

    Assuming Task B is the ONLY predecessor for Task C, Task C will now behave as a stand-alone task, which means that it will revert to the project start date or any other constrainint you have set on the task itself.

    Hope this helps.

    Prasanna Adavi


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    When you inactivate a task you will need to change the relationships that are around the task.  It will act like it is not there but stay in the schedule.  MSP would not know where the relationships should be connected around the inactive task and is expecting the user to make the adjustments.

    Ellen Lehnert.

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    One of our templates has a task “Get approval from x, if needed”. Let’s say this is task 10. Task 9 is it’s predecessor, and Task 11 is it’s successor. For Task 11, we added 9 as an additional predecessor (9,10), so project managers don’t have to think about changing the link if they inactivate the task (10).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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