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      dan schaeffer

      My current .mpp file has permanently disabled indent/outdent and ‘show outline’ menu commands. I can’t rearrange my tasks anymore. Has anyone dealt with this? Any ideas for a fix? I found that saving as xml and re-saving that as .mpp clears up the condition but now I’ve lost all my cell colors and timeline.

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      Dale Howard

      The fact that saving the file to XML resolved the problem reveals that the problem was caused by the project being corrupted. You will simply need to reapply the cell colors and rebuild the Timeline view, as there is no workaround for those two problems. Hope this helps.

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      Bruce A Hayes

      It sounds like your file is becoming corrupted.

      When it happens, I suggest you select all and copy the entire project. Open a new blank project and paste. You’ll will lose your formatting, project information, and Calendar) but you don’t have to open another application.

      May I suggest you save a new file periodically? Save As<> creates a new file of your data. This has immensely helped prevent me from encountering these peculiarities.

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