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      Kadu Anastacio

      The following user is getting an insufficient permissions message trying to change a resource to inactive.

      But all permissions to manage resources are granted to him, see below.
      He is in the PROJECT MANAGERS group:

      There is only one category in this group: “My Projects”

      This category is configured to see ALL RESOURCES:

      Permissions by category:

      And global permissions:

      I’m trying to understand why this user can’t change active field in resources.
      Could you help me?

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Kadu, if you are using out of the box groups, then Project Managers are by default unable to edit or manage resources. Inactivating a resource is reserved as an Administrator permission. Unfortunately your pictures did not come through. Are other Project Managers able to inactivate resources? This permission is granted by selecting the Manage Users and Groups global permissions option. Hope that helps.

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