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      Hi, I am anticipating that my question is feasible as well as meaningful?
      (Version of MSP 2016 with Project Online)
      scenario: –
      Multiple Projects loaded in PPM Online
      Each task within the projects has Predecessors and Successors loaded (following Best Practice)
      There are cross-project dependencies loaded as well. (Direct links – not using Deliverables and Dependencies on MSP and SharePoint)
      (I am not taking into account critical resource requirements as part of this exercise)

      1) Is it possible to obtain a Critical Path across a numerous projects in a Portfolio.
      2) If I was able to obtain 1) above – would it have any true meaning?

      Thanks Cliff

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      Megan Livingston

      If you are using direct links, you should be able to get the critical path in a Master Project file.

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      Clifford Andrews

      Hi Megan, thanks for responding. I am just clarifying my question a bit more.
      If I had 300 or more project making up 1 portfolio in Project Online, would I be able to get a critical path? Understanding the limitation of RAM (16 Gigs) and the loading of the 300 odd projects into a master file?
      Is there perhaps another way besides loading all the projects into one consolidated Master schedule?

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      Brad Gosbell

      Good question Clifford,
      I am wondering the same thing. Not every project will have interdependencies with others. I’d prefer to manage these dependencies via coding so noting gets ‘pushed out’ without communication and agreement by the two concerned project managers. I am wondering if it might be enough to look at the early finish of the ‘giving’ project and the late start of the ‘receiving’ project. I’m not even sure with the concurrent projects that are possibly unrelated whether there is any meaning in a portfolio critical path? Finish will be last projects completion date and unless all the projects activities are tied in to each other the same finish milestone that this is even possible.
      Happy to hear any thoughts!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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